Food You Would Marry

“I’m having a relationship with my pizza.”
Elizabeth Gilbert, from Eat Pray Love.

This line is uttered memorably by Julia Roberts while she’s playing country-hopping journalist Elizabeth Gilbert in Eat Pray Love. She’s at the beginning of her journey, in Italy, where she has decided to eat her way through the gastronomically legendary country (and also be completely celibate—not easy for Gilbert, a self-confessed serial relationshipper.) I can admit there have been times I’ve tasted something so good I’ve wanted to ask it to marry me (gelato in Rome, toasted baguette sandwiches in Paris, roasted chicken in Prague, a particularly memorable mustard doused and sauerkraut accompanied sausage in a German beer garden and fresh caught lobster shared in the home of friends in Cuba, to name a few.)

How about you? What was your most unforgettable meal? What did you enjoy most about it? Have you ever tried to recreate it?

Marissa Stapley is a freelance writer, editor, and author who lives in Toronto. Her first novel, Saving the World (in Sensible Shoes) will be released by Key Porter Books in Spring 2011.

2 Responses to Food You Would Marry

  1. D. Lee says:

    The food I would marry would be pasta. I have this obsession with foods made out of flour, and of all them, pasta would be my favorite. I never, ever get sick of pasta! I think it is because theres different sauces and toppings I can eat with it, and its just satisfying.

  2. Barbara Hickey says:

    Pasta is my food of choice as my family is vegetarian and this comes in so many varieties. It is light, yet satisfying. I like the fact that there are so many shapes and sizes with different textures to go along with this staple food. I never see myself getting tired of pasta.

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